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Welcome to the King of Fighters 98 UM OL wiki, 3 years and counting!

This wiki is currently indefinitely paused. If you find any typos, please let us know on
Characters that haven't been released yet in the Global version are based on the Chinese version, unless stated otherwise. Characters are compared when their global version is released and updated as necessary.

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Main articles on the Wiki

Advanced fightsouls
Frequently Asked Questions

Character groups

Healing Power
Orochi Blood
Another World

Latest characters

Chizuru XV
Orochi Chris XV
Meitenkun XV
Whip XIV
Benimaru XV
Miss X
Goddess Athena
Heidern XIV
Clark XV
Leona XV

Latest strikers

Robert XIV
Elizabeth XI
Dry Earth Yashiro
South Town Overlord Geese
Crazy Lightning Shermie
Infernal Fate Chris
Billy XIV

Wiki Contributors

  • Chachito (S30) Wiki owner
  • Karthaugh (S35) Translations for Meitenkun, MatureXIII and ViceXIII
  • Exca (S21) Wiki backstage contributor (most of the post-kofba in-game models are his work)
  • (S9) Translations for Extreme Mr. Karate and KingXIII
  • Kung Fu Kids (S16) Text for Rising Dragon Kensou
  • Xiaohai (S47/S79) newer translations for characters and strikers
  • GhostlyGrunt for some wiki corrections and some characters info
  • Esquilax (S1) some images, info from other versions, subreddit
  • Alfred Penny W (S69) for VN translations
  • Mr Michelli (S32) for BR translations
  • All the anonymous/not anonymous donation contributors!


9/29/2023: Added Chizuru XV
9/21/2023: Added Orochi Chris XV
9/5/2023: Added Meitenkun XV and Benimaru XV's ULT information
8/30/2023: Added the new 5th fightsoul, Mad fight
8/24/2023: Added Ash XIII's smax information, Benimaru XV (missing his ULT and ULT with weapon), Meditation FS and Winter FS (both are FF's atrocious in-game text, to be updated later... hopefully), Daddy Rugal's Vietnamese translation and Ash XIII's Portugese translation. Updated the fighter Groups/ as well.
7/31/2023: Added Ash XIII's first 4 gates, Mian's 6 gates and Miss X's smax information
7/4/2023: Added Ash XIII
6/23/2023: Added Mian
6/5/2023: Added Whip XIV's smax information and Goddess Athena's smax information
6/1/2023: Added Miss X and Whip XIV's first 4 gates
5/2/2023: Added Whip XIV
4/28/2023: Added Daimon2002UM's striker information and Kula XIII, Ralf XV, Daddy Rugal, Vanessa XIV, Leona XV and Shingo2002UM's smax animations. Added gates resource requirements to Daddy Rugal, Vanessa XIV and Kula XIII.
4/19/2023: Added Clark XV's 6 gates and Goddess Athena's first 4 gates
4/4/2023: Added Goddess Athena
3/22/2023: Added Ralf XV's smax information
3/1/2023: Added Clark XV
Full Changelog can be found HERE