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Characters that haven't been released yet in the Global version are based on the Chinese version, unless stated otherwise. Characters are compared when their global version is released and updated as necessary.

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Advanced fightsouls

Current characters available on the Wiki

Blue Mary XIV
Benimaru XIII
Dry Earth Yashiro
Crazy Lightning Shermie
Infernal Fate Chris
South Town Overlord Geese
Billy XIV
Rock Howard
Chang XIV
Hotaru Futaba
Demon Saiki
Terry XIII
Maxima XIV
Choi XIV
Extreme Mr. Karate
Kula XIV
Duo Lon
Mature XIII
Clark XIII
Cutie Terry
Rising Dragon Kensou
Superstar Athena
Robert XI
Catty Leona
Omega Rugal
Terry 2003

Current strikers available on the Wiki

Wiki Contributors

  • Chachito (S28) Wiki owner
  • Karthaugh (S35) Translations for Meitenkun, MatureXIII and ViceXIII
  • Exca (S21) Wiki backstage contributor (most of the post-kofba in-game models are his work)
  • Tai.ar (S9) Translations for Extreme Mr. Karate and KingXIII
  • Kung Fu Kids (S16) Text for Rising Dragon Kensou
  • Xiaohai (S47/S79) translations for Daimon2002UM and ElizabethXI


9/15/2021: Added Blue Mary XIV's SMAX
9/13/2021: Added Elizabeth XI's SMAX and Daimon2002UM's first 4 gates
8/31/2021: Added Gato (along with his first 4 gates) and Daimon2002UM
8/30/2021: Added Hein's SMAX
8/19/2021: Added Igniz2002UM's SMAX, Blue Mary XIV's first 4 gates, and Elizabeth XI's first 4 gates
8/16/2021: Added Blue Mary XIV
8/13/2021: Added Hein's first 4 gates
8/09/2021: Added Elizabeth XI
7/19/2021: Added Luong's SMAX effects
7/8/2021: Added Igniz2002UM and Hein.
7/7/2021: Added Ralf XIII striker and Superstar Athena striker
6/17/2021: Added Luong's first 4 gates and Benimaru XIII's SMAX as well as Goenitz2002UM's SMAX.
6/3/2021: Added Luong.
6/2/2021: Added Goenitz2002UM's first 4 gates and Benimaru XIII's first 4 gates.
6/1/2021: Added Dry Earth Yashiro's water gate.
5/1/2021: Added Dry Earth Yashiro (along with his 4 gates), Crazy Lightning Shermie (along with her 6 gates), Goenitz2002UM and Benimaru XIII.
4/2/2021: Added Infernal Fate Chris (along with his 6 gates) and Kukri's lake and thunder gates.
3/6/2021: Added Verse's water gate.
3/3/2021: Added Kukri. Added Hotaru Futaba and Choi XIV's gates partners.
1/19/2021: Added Verse's lake and thunder gates. Added South Town Overlord Geese's water gate (smax) effects.
1/9/2021: Added Verse. Added Rock Howard's SMAX effects
1/8/2021: Added Chang XIV's weapon effects.
1/7/2021: Added most of the characters' gate partners based on the Taiwanese version of the game.
12/22/2020: Added South Town Overlord Geese's first 4 gates
12/17/2020: Added Hotaru Futaba's gates
12/9/2020: Added South Town Overlord Geese
11/18/2020: Added K' XIV's weapon effects. Added Terry XIII's SMAX effects.
11/5/2020: Added Hotaru Futaba