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Full Changelog

3/1/2023: Added Clark XV
2/22/2023: Added Ralf XV's first 4 gates and Daddy Rugal's smax information
2/21/2023: Added Ralf XV
1/31/2023: Added Daddy Rugal's first 4 gates and Heidern XIV's smax information
1/18/2023: Added Robert XIV's striker information
1/10/2023: Added Daddy Rugal and Leona XV's smax information
1/3/2023: Added Heidern XIV along with his first 4 gates.
12/14/2022: Added Mai XIV's striker information, Elizabeth XI's striker information, Leona XV's first 4 gates and Dolores' smax information
12/1/2022: Added Leona XV
11/18/2022: Added Dolores (along with her first 4 gates) and Kula XIII's smax information
10/25/2022: Added Vanesa XIV's smax information
10/18/2022: Added Kula XIII's first 4 gates
10/12/2022: Added Vanessa XIV's first 4 gates and Shingo2002UM's smax information
9/28/2022: Added Kula XIII
9/21/2022: Added Vanessa XIV
9/13/2022: Added Isla's smax information and Shingo2002UM's first 4 gates
9/12/2022: Added Igniz2002UM's striker information
8/31/2022: Added ShinGOD
8/16/2022: Added Isla's first 4 gates and Kyo XIV's smax information
8/15/2022: Added the Senran Kagura collaboration characters, based in the Taiwanese version. Yumi, Asuka, Hikage, Homura along with their full information
8/3/2022: Added Isla
7/19/2022: Added Kyo XIV's first 4 gates and Kensou XI's smax information
7/18/2022: Added Goenitz2002UM's striker information and Luong's Striker information
7/6/2022: Added Kyo XIV and Dry Earth Yashiro's striker information
6/27/2022: Added Character groups
6/22/2022: Added Kensou XI's first 4 gates
6/14/2022: Added Shun'ei XV's smax information. Added Wither 5th fightsoul and Seal Sword 5th fightsoul
6/7/2022: Added Kensou XI and Krizalid99's smax information
5/25/2022: Added Krizalid 99's first 4 gates
5/18/2022: Added Shun'ei XV's first 4 gates and Athena XI's smax information
5/11/2022: Added Krizalid99
5/6/2022: Added Shun'ei XV
4/25/2022: Added Duo Lon XIII's smax information
4/19/2022: Added Athena XI's first 4 gates
4/12/2022: Added South Town Overlord Geese's striker information
4/11/2022: Added Duo Lon XIII's first 4 gates
3/30/2022: Added Athena XI
3/14/2022: Added Orochi Shermie 2002UM's striker information
3/9/2022: Added Duo Lon XIII and Iori XIV's smax information
2/15/2022: Added Iori XIV's first 4 gates and Yamazaki's SMAX information
1/20/2022: Added Iori XIV
1/19/2022: Added Infernal Fate Chris' striker information
1/17/2022: Added Verse's striker information
1/11/2022: Added Yuri XIV's smax information
1/4/2022: Added Yamazaki XIV as well as his first 4 gates. Added Billy XIV's striker information
12/14/2021: Added Yuri XIV's first 4 gates and Robert XIV's smax information
12/13/2021: Added Demon Saiki's striker information and Hotaru Futaba's striker information
11/30/2021: Added Yuri XIV. Added the Kusanagi flame, Lamb and Wolf fightsouls to Advanced fightsouls
11/16/2021: Added Robert XIV's first 4 gates, Mai XIV's SMAX and Angel XIV's SMAX
11/4/2021: Addded Robert XIV
10/20/2021: Added Mai XIV's first 4 gates, Angel XIV's first 4 gates and Gato's SMAX
10/12/2021: Added Daimon2002UM's SMAX
9/15/2021: Added Blue Mary XIV's SMAX
9/13/2021: Added Elizabeth XI's SMAX and Daimon2002UM's first 4 gates
8/31/2021: Added Gato (along with his first 4 gates) and Daimon2002UM
8/30/2021: Added Hein's SMAX
8/19/2021: Added Igniz2002UM's SMAX, Blue Mary XIV's first 4 gates, and Elizabeth XI's first 4 gates
8/16/2021: Added Blue Mary XIV
8/13/2021: Added Hein's first 4 gates
8/09/2021: Added Elizabeth XI
7/19/2021: Added Luong's SMAX effects
7/8/2021: Added Igniz2002UM and Hein.
7/7/2021: Added Ralf XIII striker and Superstar Athena striker
6/17/2021: Added Luong's first 4 gates and Benimaru XIII's SMAX as well as Goenitz2002UM's SMAX.
6/3/2021: Added Luong.
6/2/2021: Added Goenitz2002UM's first 4 gates and Benimaru XIII's first 4 gates.
6/1/2021: Added Dry Earth Yashiro's water gate.
5/1/2021: Added Dry Earth Yashiro (along with his 4 gates), Crazy Lightning Shermie (along with her 6 gates), Goenitz2002UM and Benimaru XIII.
4/2/2021: Added Infernal Fate Chris (along with his 6 gates) and Kukri's lake and thunder gates.
3/6/2021: Added Verse's water gate.
3/3/2021: Added Kukri. Added Hotaru Futaba and Choi XIV's gates partners.
1/19/2021: Added Verse's lake and thunder gates. Added South Town Overlord Geese's water gate (smax) effects.
1/9/2021: Added Verse. Added Rock Howard's SMAX effects
1/8/2021: Added Chang XIV's weapon effects.
1/7/2021: Added most of the characters' gate partners based on the Taiwanese version of the game.
12/22/2020: Added South Town Overlord Geese's first 4 gates
12/17/2020: Added Hotaru Futaba's gates
12/9/2020: Added South Town Overlord Geese
11/18/2020: Added K' XIV's weapon effects. Added Terry XIII's SMAX effects.
11/5/2020: Added Hotaru Futaba