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Full Changelog

9/29/2023: Added Chizuru XV
9/21/2023: Added Orochi Chris XV
9/5/2023: Added Meitenkun XV and Benimaru XV's ULT information
8/30/2023: Added the new 5th fightsoul, Mad fight
8/24/2023: Added Ash XIII's smax information, Benimaru XV (missing his ULT and ULT with weapon), Meditation FS and Winter FS (both are FF's atrocious in-game text, to be updated later... hopefully), Daddy Rugal's Vietnamese translation and Ash XIII's Portugese translation. Updated the fighter Groups/ as well.
7/31/2023: Added Ash XIII's first 4 gates, Mian's 6 gates and Miss X's smax information
7/4/2023: Added Ash XIII
6/23/2023: Added Mian
6/5/2023: Added Whip XIV's smax information and Goddess Athena's smax information
6/1/2023: Added Miss X and Whip XIV's first 4 gates
5/2/2023: Added Whip XIV
4/28/2023: Added Daimon2002UM's striker information and Kula XIII, Ralf XV, Daddy Rugal, Vanessa XIV, Leona XV and Shingo2002UM's smax animations. Added gates resource requirements to Daddy Rugal, Vanessa XIV and Kula XIII. 4/19/2023: Added Clark XV's 6 gates and Goddess Athena's first 4 gates
4/4/2023: Added Goddess Athena
3/22/2023: Added Ralf XV's smax information
3/1/2023: Added Clark XV
2/22/2023: Added Ralf XV's first 4 gates and Daddy Rugal's smax information
2/21/2023: Added Ralf XV
1/31/2023: Added Daddy Rugal's first 4 gates and Heidern XIV's smax information
1/18/2023: Added Robert XIV's striker information
1/10/2023: Added Daddy Rugal and Leona XV's smax information
1/3/2023: Added Heidern XIV along with his first 4 gates.
12/14/2022: Added Mai XIV's striker information, Elizabeth XI's striker information, Leona XV's first 4 gates and Dolores' smax information
12/1/2022: Added Leona XV
11/18/2022: Added Dolores (along with her first 4 gates) and Kula XIII's smax information
10/25/2022: Added Vanesa XIV's smax information
10/18/2022: Added Kula XIII's first 4 gates
10/12/2022: Added Vanessa XIV's first 4 gates and Shingo2002UM's smax information
9/28/2022: Added Kula XIII
9/21/2022: Added Vanessa XIV
9/13/2022: Added Isla's smax information and Shingo2002UM's first 4 gates
9/12/2022: Added Igniz2002UM's striker information
8/31/2022: Added ShinGOD
8/16/2022: Added Isla's first 4 gates and Kyo XIV's smax information
8/15/2022: Added the Senran Kagura collaboration characters, based in the Taiwanese version. Yumi, Asuka, Hikage, Homura along with their full information
8/3/2022: Added Isla
7/19/2022: Added Kyo XIV's first 4 gates and Kensou XI's smax information
7/18/2022: Added Goenitz2002UM's striker information and Luong's Striker information
7/6/2022: Added Kyo XIV and Dry Earth Yashiro's striker information
6/27/2022: Added Character groups
6/22/2022: Added Kensou XI's first 4 gates
6/14/2022: Added Shun'ei XV's smax information. Added Wither 5th fightsoul and Seal Sword 5th fightsoul
6/7/2022: Added Kensou XI and Krizalid99's smax information
5/25/2022: Added Krizalid 99's first 4 gates
5/18/2022: Added Shun'ei XV's first 4 gates and Athena XI's smax information
5/11/2022: Added Krizalid99
5/6/2022: Added Shun'ei XV
4/25/2022: Added Duo Lon XIII's smax information
4/19/2022: Added Athena XI's first 4 gates
4/12/2022: Added South Town Overlord Geese's striker information
4/11/2022: Added Duo Lon XIII's first 4 gates
3/30/2022: Added Athena XI
3/14/2022: Added Orochi Shermie 2002UM's striker information
3/9/2022: Added Duo Lon XIII and Iori XIV's smax information
2/15/2022: Added Iori XIV's first 4 gates and Yamazaki's SMAX information
1/20/2022: Added Iori XIV
1/19/2022: Added Infernal Fate Chris' striker information
1/17/2022: Added Verse's striker information
1/11/2022: Added Yuri XIV's smax information
1/4/2022: Added Yamazaki XIV as well as his first 4 gates. Added Billy XIV's striker information
12/14/2021: Added Yuri XIV's first 4 gates and Robert XIV's smax information
12/13/2021: Added Demon Saiki's striker information and Hotaru Futaba's striker information
11/30/2021: Added Yuri XIV. Added the Kusanagi flame, Lamb and Wolf fightsouls to Advanced fightsouls
11/16/2021: Added Robert XIV's first 4 gates, Mai XIV's SMAX and Angel XIV's SMAX
11/4/2021: Addded Robert XIV
10/20/2021: Added Mai XIV's first 4 gates, Angel XIV's first 4 gates and Gato's SMAX
10/12/2021: Added Daimon2002UM's SMAX
9/15/2021: Added Blue Mary XIV's SMAX
9/13/2021: Added Elizabeth XI's SMAX and Daimon2002UM's first 4 gates
8/31/2021: Added Gato (along with his first 4 gates) and Daimon2002UM
8/30/2021: Added Hein's SMAX
8/19/2021: Added Igniz2002UM's SMAX, Blue Mary XIV's first 4 gates, and Elizabeth XI's first 4 gates
8/16/2021: Added Blue Mary XIV
8/13/2021: Added Hein's first 4 gates
8/09/2021: Added Elizabeth XI
7/19/2021: Added Luong's SMAX effects
7/8/2021: Added Igniz2002UM and Hein.
7/7/2021: Added Ralf XIII striker and Superstar Athena striker
6/17/2021: Added Luong's first 4 gates and Benimaru XIII's SMAX as well as Goenitz2002UM's SMAX.
6/3/2021: Added Luong.
6/2/2021: Added Goenitz2002UM's first 4 gates and Benimaru XIII's first 4 gates.
6/1/2021: Added Dry Earth Yashiro's water gate.
5/1/2021: Added Dry Earth Yashiro (along with his 4 gates), Crazy Lightning Shermie (along with her 6 gates), Goenitz2002UM and Benimaru XIII.
4/2/2021: Added Infernal Fate Chris (along with his 6 gates) and Kukri's lake and thunder gates.
3/6/2021: Added Verse's water gate.
3/3/2021: Added Kukri. Added Hotaru Futaba and Choi XIV's gates partners.
1/19/2021: Added Verse's lake and thunder gates. Added South Town Overlord Geese's water gate (smax) effects.
1/9/2021: Added Verse. Added Rock Howard's SMAX effects
1/8/2021: Added Chang XIV's weapon effects.
1/7/2021: Added most of the characters' gate partners based on the Taiwanese version of the game.
12/22/2020: Added South Town Overlord Geese's first 4 gates
12/17/2020: Added Hotaru Futaba's gates
12/9/2020: Added South Town Overlord Geese
11/18/2020: Added K' XIV's weapon effects. Added Terry XIII's SMAX effects.
11/5/2020: Added Hotaru Futaba