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Last updated: 4/19/2022

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does bandit mean? How does bandit work
Bandit (also known as slot machine or cat) should be your primary source of diamonds (unless you're a cosmic whale). This event comes with every 1st draw of the month, and it works like this: you have 5 pulls available (8 if you're vip5 or higher) where each pull costs a certain amount of diamonds, and each time you "pay" for a pull (NOTE: pulling on the bandit won't count as spending for diamond spending events) you get a random amount of diamonds, with a max amount possible changing on each pull. Values are as follows:

Cost Maximum
77 177
277 1577
777 1677
2077 4377
5077 7777
10077 17777
23777 37777
55777 67777

REMINDER that Maximum denotes the max amount that you can get from that pull. You're NOT guaranteed that exact amount.

2. Do the devs/Fingerfun (FF) nerf characters?
Short answer is NO. Long answer is that no one knows for sure. If you feel like your 1+ year old DPS character isn't doing as much damage as it used to be, it's not a nerf, it's due to something called Power Creep.

3. Why don't we get X/Y/Z collab, or my character was a GANK on an Asian video I saw, but here is a TANK, what gives?
There are 5 versions of the game: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Global. The global version of the game seems to be based mostly off the Taiwanese version, so characters you see in other versions (usually Japan) are REALLY different in global. Japan changes their type (DPS/GANK/TANK) and usually their kit. One quick example is that we have Flame Kyo for the captain of a 4 souls team, while in Japan Flame Kyo boosted flame fighters and regular Saiki was the captain of a 4 souls team.

4. Am I guaranteed my character to drop from a Limited Time Chest with my X amount of diamonds? What's the drop rate?
Drop rate seems to be around 0.5% chance per pull, or 5% per x10. No real amount of diamonds guarantees that you will get a character (specially from a pull), but the average seems to be around 22k to 25k diamonds. You could get it in your free pulls, or at 100 points, or you could get it at 6.9k points (rip Cervantes). You have to be prepared.

5. I got the 1st place in a limited draw, yet I didn't receive the rewards I was promised, like 300 character fragments. What gives?
On the draw interface there's a "?" icon, that if you tap it, shows you the rules to the draw, the most important being that every place on the draw has a minimum of points needed to get that place's rewards. For example, if you scored 3500 points and you were the first place in the draw, you won't get the 1st place rewards, as it requires a minimum amount of 7000 points.

6. What does PGGGP/GGPPP/PGPGP/etc mean in the global chat/club chat?
It's a daily way to earn 50 diamonds. When attacking in campaign, trials or in tower of space and time you must manually manipulate the timing of your characters' attacks so you get the sequence for that day, i.e. PGPGP means Perfect+Great+Perfect+Great+Perfect.

7. When does X character release? Who's the character for next month? Why did Y character released before Z character?
The release order we have is loosely based on the Taiwanese version of the game, which you can find here (the future characters, characters already released have been rearranged according to their global date of release). HOWEVER, our global overlords devs like to throw curveballs at us (like Angel XIV releasing around 8 months too early...) so tl;dr, no one knows when most characters will release.

8. When does a new server open?
Usually around 1 month after the previous one opened, but it can be a bit earlier or later than that. You need to keep an eye on their Facebook page.

9. Is this game free to play (F2P) friendly? Is it pay to win (P2W)?
As a mostly PvP game, the first impression you're gonna get is that it's pretty P2W heavy, as usually (though not always the case), the player with the bigger credit card wins. HOWEVER, the game offers a decent amount of diamonds and resources for low spenders and even for F2P players, specially with the monthly slot machine bandit giving quite a decent amount of premium currency. As always, there are a large enough amount of high vip players getting beaten down by low vip/F2P players, since even a credit card can't beat using your brain to play in most cases.

10. What modes should I ignore? I don't have a lot of time to play, what game modes give me the most rewards for my time?
Ultimate Battle gives a good amount of rewards for a medium amount of playtime (specially since you can skip the fights), but it can be difficult if you get matched against a high vip player. Melee Neighborhood gives an ok amount of rewards but it can take around 5-15 minutes per day, 3 days a week for a couple of weeks per month. Peak Battle rewards aren't really worth the time but it can be a fun mode to play. World Championship takes a huge amount of time for ok rewards. Honor battle isn't worth it at all, and neither is the Cross Server Tournament. The regular tournament gives a decent amount of rewards (specially if you can get into the top 8) for not a lot of playtime.

11. What is priority and how can I increase mine?
Priority dictates who starts first in fights, so it plays a huge part on this game. The best way to increase priority is by giving your fighters food. You can get food mainly on the global exclusive farm, located in the town (plant potatoes for the best yield), and you can also get it from the bar (using gold to pull), spend events, game modes' stores, and more. Other ways you can increase your priority are by giving bloodstones to characters, promoting them, evolving them, and more.

12. How can I contact FF/devs to report a bug/ask them a question/congratulate them on their hard work?
In game click on your profile avatar, select settings, then feedback and finally select contact us. Or send them an email to feedback.kof98@game-bean.com

13. How many fragments do I need to evolve a fighter?

14. Where can I see information about updates and/or coming events on the game?
Their Facebook and their website.

15. What are a character's 8 elements/gates?
A way to power up your fighters, opening a characters gates modify/upgrade their abilities. All characters have 8 gates (except some hated by FF), which can be opened when you fulfill certain conditions indicated on the screen, such a certain level of esoterics, a certain character star level, and even other character's gates being open. The 2nd gate upgrades their passive ability, the 4th gate upgrades their small skill ability and the 6th gate upgrades their ULT, so they gain a new animation and more powerful abilities. The rest of the gates mainly upgrade stats and skill chances.

16. What are Power Fragments (PF) and how can I get them?
PF are "universal character fragments", basically you can use them to invest in any character (BUT you can't use them to unlock a character sadly). You use them to evolve characters and to open their gates/8 elements. You can get them via events, using 10 chances on arena/cross server arena daily, exchanging them in the cross server loot battle store, using the farm and by opening PF boxes, which in turn you also earn in events and game modes such as Ultimate Battle. As a tip for this last one, try to always either open 5 PF boxes per day, or open them 1 by 1 until you get 2 consecutive non-PF, and then try again on the next day (it seems to yield a higher rate)

17. Should I use my diamonds to get a character from the wheel of fortune/bar draw/boss exchange?
No. Most, if not all of these characters are outdated by the time they're there, and the amount of diamonds required to get them is better spent on new characters.

18. I have more doubts/want to talk more about the game, is there a Discord server?
Yes there is! English only, https://discord.gg/yBCgSzk5EZ just make sure to follow the rules.

19. How do I make my characters "burst" in battle?
You need to have that fighter equipped with at least 4 runes of the same kind.

20. Is it worth it to get a character just to complete a fate on another character?
No. It used to be worth it a bit before but now the power they gain is negligible. Don't waste your resources on that.