Nightmare Geese

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Nightmare Geese (Fatal Fury 2)

Nmg fashion.jpg

Type: GANK
Aptidude: 15

Bearsoul.jpg BearSoul
Get 400 rage when deployed, and gain extra rage when a fighter dies

Nmg weapon.jpg Earth shaking badge.jpg Karate tome.jpg Superpower ATK.jpg Permanently increase ATK and HP Increase 5% ATK and HP (level 1)
Increase 11.55% ATK and HP (level 132)

Fates and Gates

Omega Rugal
Own Nightmare Geese, Omega Rugal, Krauser: HP+ 25%
Terry 2003
Own Nightmare Geese, Terry 2003, Mr Karate II: ATK+ 25%
Own Nightmare Geese, Billy, Mr Big: ATK+ 25%
Gates partners
Terry 2003, Mai, Robert

Skill description

Lord of Nightmare
Passive skill
Increase own crit res in battle; get revenge power upon each round start; get 12% DMG res initially, which increase by 6% each round since Round 1, max 24%; body size increases by 15% each round, max 30%; each time Nightmare Geese kills enemy fighter, gets enhance (recovers own 15% max HP, dispel own debuff, immune to debuff for 1 round, a gets all revenge power upon first kill); each round a random enemy enters nightmare for 1 round (when Nightmare Geese enters the battle and only 1 fighter is on each side, this will not take effect); Nightmare Geese is immune to nightmare.
Increase own 40% Crit Res (level 1)
Increase own front row 24.7% DMG. Increase own back row 16.42% RES (level 108)
Double Reppuuken
Small skill
Attack a colummn, with 40% chance to paralyze main target, increasing own 50% blood drain; deal 40% extra damage on all nightmare targets; after getting all the revenge power, release small skill (if ULT kills target, get all the revenge power, trigger small skill since next round).
Deal 160%+15 DMG to target(level 1)
Deal 173.1% + 1980 DMG to target (level 132)
Deal 170%+15 DMG to target(level 1)
Deal 186.1% + 1980 DMG to target (level 132)
Kusanagi Serpent
Attack enemy fighter with lowest HP, absorb 15% ATK and DEF and 200 rage; deal 30% extra DMG on surrounding fighters, which does not recover rage; if the main target is not killed, target enters nightmare state (DMG rate reduces by 50% upon first attack, get crit when attacked for the first time. Lasts for 1 round).
Deal 400%+25 DMG to the lowest HP target. (level 1)
Deal 430%+24 DMG to target. (level 1)
Deal 495.5%+3168 damage to the target (level 132)
SMAX (water gate upgrade) WIP
Deal 430%+24 DMG to target. (level 1)
Deal 495.5%+3168 damage to the target (level 132)

Striker information

Nmg ult.jpg
Kusanagi Serpent
  • Attribute bonus: (Level 39) +9610 ATK + 3844 DEF + 96100 HP
  • Trigger condition: From the 1st round, if the number of people on your side is less than the number of people in the opponent's side it will trigger at the beginning of the round, or triggers after 2 ULTs
  • Initial effect: Attack the enemy with the lowest HP, increase your own DMG and ATK by 20%; can enter the battlefield after the 3rd round.
  • Initial cost: 100 striker fragments.
Promotion Effect
50 striker fragments Green Reduce the target's ATK by 20% and DEF by 40% for 1 round; after entering the battlefield, increase your DMG and RES by 25%; skill slot 1 opens.
50 striker fragments Blue Fighters around the target take 35% extra damage (this doesn't restore rage); skill slot 2 opens; +1 use available.
50 striker fragments Purple Make the target fall into a nightmare state (their DMG is reduced by 50% for their first attack, and their first attack received must be a critical hit) for 1 round; skill slot 3 opens.
50 striker fragments Orange Increase the crit rate by 20%, and must critically hit the first time (before applying the nightmare effect); can enter the battle from the 1st round forward.
100 striker fragments Red Increase the damage from this skill by 40%; switch ULT: increase your own crit power by 20%; make a random ally in the back row gain the following buff for 2 rounds: each time you kill an enemy fighter, restore 15% of your max HP and clear your negative states; +1 use available