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Saiki (KoF XIII)

Fighter groups:
Type: DPS
Aptidude: 15

Snake Soul
Gain 192 rage when attacking, and recover extra rage when attacked

Permanently increase ATK and HP Increase 5% ATK and HP (level 1)
Increase 11.55% ATK and HP (level 132)

Fates and Gates

Own Saiki, Ash, Elizabeth: ATK+ 25%
Own Saiki, NESTS Kyo, Saisyu Kusanagi: ATK+ 25%
Own Saiki, Kim, Robert: ATK+ 25%
Gates partners
Robert, Mai, NESTS Kyo

Skill description

Power of Nether Fire
Passive skill
Add team's flame ULT DMG (not stackable with Saisyu's Will of Fire, and Kyo NESTS' Will of Protagonist), self is immune to burning; upon battle start, he owns 3 nether soul layers. When with any nether soul layer, increase 25% DMG rate, DMG Res rate; if enemy has nether soul layer upon round start, consume 1 nether soul layer to get nether shield effect this round (25% small skill res rate, ULT res, and immune to control excluding petrification and taunt); when any fighter is killed on either side, 30% chance to add 1 nether soul layer (max 3); if Saiki killed the fighter, add 1 nether soul layer; starting from Round 1, absorb 12% current HP from enemy fighter with highest HP upon round start
Increase 20% flame ULT DMG for all fighters deployed or in aid formation (level 1)
Increase 20% flame ULT DMG for all fighters deployed or in aid formation (level 1)
Small skill
Attack a column; add nether fire (dealing 7.5% burning DMG each round, reducing 12% ATK and DEF; for each nether soul layer, increase extra burning DMG of 2.5% HP and reducing extra 2% ATK and DEF; lasts for 2 rounds, while the burning does not recover rage); when with nether soul layer(s), release small skill, increases DMG by 60%; 50% chance to cost a nether soul layer (no nether soul layer is consumed if any flame fighter is the target column)
Deal 160%+15 DMG to target(level 1)
Deal 252% + 15DMG to target (level 124)
Deal 170%+15 DMG to target(level 1)
Deal 186.1% + 1980 DMG to target (level 124)
Washiba Otoshi
Attack enemy DPS fighter with highest power first (if no DPS enemy fighter, attack enemy fighter with highest power), which cannot be blocked or resisted; for each nether soul layer, increase 15% DMG, absorb target's 8% max HP, clear target's buff effects and add nether fire effects; if all nether soul layers are not used up and the attack target is a protagonist of KOF, 60% chance to get 1 nether soul layer; if all nether soul layers are used up, switch to ULT Kyoryuu-no-Ori, get 1 nether soul layer, and seize target's buff status.
Deal 400%+24DMG to target. (level 1)
Deal 400%+24DMG to target. (level 1)
SMAX (water gate upgrade) WIP
Deal 400%+24DMG to target. (level 1)

Striker information

Dai Geki Hou
  • Attribute bonus: (Level 39) +9610 ATK + 3844 DEF + 96100 HP
  • Trigger condition: From the 2nd round forward, triggers after releasing an ULT.
  • Initial effect: Attack a single target, increasing your own DMG and ATK by 25%; add sacred flame to the target (causes continuous damage equal to 10% of max HP without restoring rage); can join the battle from the 3rd round forward.
  • Initial cost: 100 striker fragments.
Promotion Effect
50 striker fragments Green Increase flame fighters' ULT damage by 40%; after entering the battlefield, increase your DMG and RES by 25%; skill slot 1 opens.
50 striker fragments Blue Sacred flames reduce the target's ATK and DEF by an additional 30%; skill slot 2 opens; +1 use available.
50 striker fragments Purple Deal additional damage equal to 12% of the target's max HP and restore 12% HP to your ally with the lowest current health; skill slot 3 opens.
50 striker fragments Orange Boost the summoner's rage recovery rate by 25%; can enter the battle from the 1st round forward.
100 striker fragments Red Increase the damage from this skill by 40%; switch to new ULT: attack a random enemy (priority to a DPS fighter), gaining ATK equal to own DEF. Dispel the target's buffs and copy them to the summoner, and transfer the summoner's negative status to the target; +1 use available