Tung fu rue

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Tung Fu Rue (Fatal Fury)

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Type: DPS
Aptidude: 15

Turtlesoul.jpg Turtle Soul
Get 96 extra rage when attacked, and additional rage when a fighter dies

Tfr weapon.jpg Gale badge.jpg Thai boxing tome.jpg Superpower ATK.jpg Permanently increase ATK and HP Increase 5% ATK and HP (level 1)
Increase 11.55% ATK and HP (level 132)

Fates and Gates

Own Tung fu rue, Shun'ei, Shion: ATK+ 25%
Own Tung fu rue, Chin, Saisyu Kusanagi: ATK+ 25%
Own Tung fu rue, Geese, Terry: ATK+ 25%
Gates partners
Geese, Mai, Robert

Skill description

Climax Super
Passive skill
Climax Super will effect (only once for each battle( if HP is less than 50% when round starts. Clear own abnormal status and restore own 500 Rage and restore to 70% of max HP. Permanently immune abnormal status. Chooses 2 Fighters except own as pupils when battle starts. One will get 20% extra DMG and the other (select the front first) will get extra 20% Res. The selected Fighter will get both effects if there's only one fighter except Tung Fu Rue. Tung Fu Rue will get 50 rage (300 Rage at most for each round) when puils are attacked. Tung Fu Rue's DMG will convert 20% to HP to heal the ally who has the least HP%. Each DMG received cannot exceed 30% of max HP for the first round he joints in the battle.
[Interference skill]: When deployed, reduce the ATK of all enemy fighters (for the duration of the entire fight).
Decrease the ATK of all enemies by 10% (level 1, each level increases by 0.05%)
Decrease the ATK of all enemies by 16.55% (level 132)
Decrease the ATK of all enemies by 10% (level 1, each level increases by 0.05%)
Decrease the ATK of all enemies by 16.55% (level 132)
Dai Shou Ha
Small skill
Strike a column, 40% chance to stun the main target and restore each pupil 100 Rage. (200 rage if there's only one pupil, and restores own Rage if there's no pupil) Converts 30% DMG to heal own HP. 100% chance to trigger skill if Climax Super effects.
Deal 160%+15 DMG to target(level 1)
Deal 252% + 15DMG to target (level 124)
Deal 170%+15 DMG to target(level 1)
Deal 186.1% + 1980 DMG to target (level 124)
Dai Geki Hou
Strikes all enemies. Causes the more DMG(100% at most) if there are the less targets. Increases own 25% DMG & Res for two rounds. Pupils have 100% chance to cast skills for this round. Each DMG received will not exceed 35% of max HP in 2 rounds after casting Ultimate. Causes extra 5% of max HP against each target fighter after Climax Super effect.
Deal 155%+15 DMG to all targets. (level 124)
Deal 155%+15 DMG to all targets. (level 124)
SMAX (water gate upgrade) WIP
Deal 155%+15 DMG to all targets (level 124)

Striker information

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Dai Geki Hou
  • Attribute bonus: (Level 39) +9610 ATK + 3844 DEF + 96100 HP
  • Trigger condition: From the 2nd round forward, triggers at the beginning of the round.
  • Initial effect: Attack all the enemies (the less targets hit the higher the damage, max 150% increase), increasing your own DMG and ATK by 25%; can join the battle from the 3rd round forward.
  • Initial cost: 100 striker fragments.
Promotion Effect
50 striker fragments Green Deal additional damage equal to 8% of their max HP to each target hit (this damage does not restore rage); after entering the battlefield, increase your DMG and RES by 25%; skill slot 1 opens.
50 striker fragments Blue Temporarily take 2 of our allies at random as disciples (for 1 round, can't choose the one who summoned the striker) and restores 20% of the total damage of this skill as HP to each of them; skill slot 2 opens; +1 use available.
50 striker fragments Purple Increase 36% RES rate for the disciples; skill slot 3 opens.
50 striker fragments Orange Increase 36% DMG rate for the disciples; can enter the battle from the 1st round forward.
100 striker fragments Red Increase the damage from this skill by 40%; the disciples get the steel body effect (recover 200 rage and increase their control rate by 90%, lasts 1 round), and buffs to disciples cannot be dispelled; +1 use available